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Frequently Asked Questions

■About watching the movie


Q.How can I watch the movie?

-A.For the latest information on screenings, please check the official website or the official Twitter (Japanese version only) .

(Please note that there are times when independent screenings are not held. Please be forewarned.)

Q.I would like to watch a movie with my university club. Is it possible for multiple people to watch the movie?

ーA.Please apply individually.

However, it is possible for multiple people, such as family members, to view the video on the same device.

Or, if you would like to have a group, school, company, etc. watch the film, please consider hosting an independent screening.


■Organizing an Independent Screening


Q.I want to organize an independent screening, what should I do?

-A.For more information and registration, click here.

Q.Where can I find the application form for independent screenings?

-A.Please use this form to apply.

Q.Does the screening organizer need to see the film in advance?

-A.Once you have applied, you will receive the URL approximately five days before the screening.
  It is recommended that you watch it in advance.

Q.We would like to have a “cinemalogue” after the screening, but how should we prepare and proceed?

-A.Please let us know when you answer the application form so that we can provide you with the preparation and progress manual.


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