Organize a screening

Why don’t you host a screening and spread the word about this film?


You can be the organizer of a screening of this film.
Why don’t you tell your friends about your theme through “Siblings – The Light of You”?

This film will not be shown for a limited time in theaters by the distributor, but will be released as an “independent screening”.

Independent screening is a style of screening in which people who want to share the film and want everyone to see it become the organizers. If you want to share this film and want everyone to see it, you can become an organizer and organize a screening of the film with your team members.
The screening of films together creates new encounters, opportunities for dialogue, and connections with the community.

In order to ensure that even those who have never held a film screening before can do so safely and comfortably, the “Siblings” Production Committee will support you as much as possible through the independent screening community and manuals. The “Siblings” Production Committee will support you as much as possible through the independent screening community and manuals.

We hope that this film will give hope not only to person with disability and their siblings, but also to many other people to live their own lives. Let’s work together to change Japan and the world by spreading the film “Siblings: The Light of You”!


The movie can be rented and viewed through vimeo on demand, but all rights regarding the video, audio and packaging of this video program are owned by the copyright holder, and are only permitted for viewing at home. Any other use, or reproduction, modification, screening, broadcasting, cable broadcasting, etc., of even a portion thereof is strictly prohibited by law, as it causes great damage to the right holder. When holding a screening, please purchase the right to hold the screening as before.

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Procedure for hosting an online screening

The following are the procedures and flow of the siblings film production committee.

  • If you wish to screen the film at the venue using the viewing URL, please refer to this procedure.
  • If you are a supporter of the crowdfunding project, please see the separate email for more information.


  1. Entry
    Fill out the application form to apply.
  2. Start paying and attracting customers (complete screening process)
    You will receive an email with payment instructions, which you must pay within one week.
    Upon completion of payment, the screening procedure will be officially completed.
    After that, you will receive information about the event on our website, data such as flyers and questionnaires, and an invitation to join our support FB group (optional).
  3. Preparation for the screening (sending URLs)
    We will send you the URL and password at least 5 days prior to the screening date.
    We will send you the URL and password at least 5 days before the screening.
    Please inform the participants of the zoom link, viewing URL and password on the day of the screening.
  1. Screening held.
    Check the playback of the viewing link and contact us if there are any problems.
    Watch the movie on your own device.
    ※In case of screening at the venue, please use a projector or other means of projection.
    Please collect the questionnaire after the screening.
  2. Post-Screening Report
    We will report the hosting results within a week after the screening.
    Please follow the form to report.

About fees

  • Online Screening
    USD300 (per screening, tax not included)


Screening FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.Can I share the viewing link with my friends so they can watch it with me?
A.Please do not share the viewing link. Multiple people can watch the video at the same time on the same device.

Q.How many screenings can I have?
A.Online screenings are limited to the day of the event. Multiple screenings on the same day are possible.


Steps to Prepare for a Successful Screening

This is the preparation and flow that you need to follow according to your own plan.

STEP 1:Gathering of friends

Gather a group of two to five friends (the organizing team). It is also possible to organize by yourself.
If you would like an experienced person to join you, please contact the secretariat.

STEP 2:Content planning

Clarify “who” and “what” you are doing it for. Plan a schedule that suits the participants.
If you are planning to have a sharing session after the screening, it would be helpful if you carefully read the materials provided. It is also a good idea to ask someone who has experience as a facilitator.

STEP 3:Development of screening environment

Prepare the delivery device (PC is recommended), check the internet environment of the delivery location, and sign up for zoom pro.

STEP 4:Budgeting

Forecast income and expenses to ensure that the film can be shown within the budget.

STEP 5:Gathering participants

Invite your friends and acquaintances to see the film, and use social networking sites to repeatedly inform as many people as possible. Please consider using paypal for payment.

If you want to have an information page as well, you can use Wix payment system.

STEP 6:Screening

Check the Wi-fi environment, zoom connection and settings. Rehearsing the flow from the opening to the impression sharing session will help you feel at ease going into the actual event.

STEP 7:Questionnaire

Take a survey to get information and feedback for the next step.

Application Form for Independent Screenings

    This form is used to send an outline of your screening to the "Siblings: The Light Called You" Production Committee.
    The information you enter here will also be included in the screening information on the film's official website.

    The following information will be posted on the screening schedule page for "Siblings: The Light Called You".
    If the details have not yet been decided, please enter the information that has been decided at this time.

    After that, you may contact us with additional information as soon as you decide.
    In particular, the contents of the "Message to the Screening Attendees" section can be replaced as soon as it is finalized.

    *Required field

    Please select the movie viewing status of the organizer.

    "Screening for related parties only" are "screenings for those who belong to a specific group only".
    "General screenings" are screenings that invite a wide range of participants, regardless of which organization they belong to.