This film started with crowdfunding, and we received support from so many people.

Here are some of the comments and suggestions we received on the film.



From people who have seen the movie

I had never heard the word “siblings” before. I’m glad that I could learn about the feelings of people who have family members with disabilities through this film.

A person who has never heard of “siblings” before. 20s 

I liked the fact that the spotlight was not on the people with disabilities themselves, but on their families and the people around them who are newly in contact with them. It gave me an opportunity to think about it in terms of myself.

A person who has never heard of “siblings” before. 50s 

It means that the film has a theme for everyone who watches it. The essential themes overlap not only with those who are familiar with the issues of disability and welfare, but also with those who are not, and these themes became a link, bringing the world of disability and welfare, which had been divided from my daily life, a little closer.

A person who has never heard of “siblings” before. 30s 


I’m glad that it was very thought-provoking in a short time. It got me thinking from the perspective of both mothers!

A person who has never heard of “siblings” before. 40s 

I was able to feel that I was not alone in my problems.

siblings 20s

I couldn’t stop crying the whole time. (omission) My duty as a big sister was more important than my happiness. I was so happy that the film seemed to speak for my painful feelings. I hope that this film will be the beginning of a second and third film.

siblings 50s

The way of thinking differs depending on the position of the person in the movie. It made me think. I want the world to become a place where everyone can live the way they want to live, accepting whatever position they take. I liked the fact that there was no single conclusion, but many opportunities to think.

Those who are professionally involved. 30s

Each character has feelings that cannot be expressed in words, there is a past and a future that cannot be conveyed in a 45-minute movie, and there is no right answer to everything… I am glad that I was able to convey these things.

Those who are professionally involved. 40s

Regardless of whether or not I have a disabled siblings, there were many moments that I could relate to in terms of living with the struggles and realizations that we all go through as human beings. In particular, Takashi’s ambiguous reactions and the process of change as he gradually became aware of the disability seemed very real.

Those who are professionally involved. 30s

From the organizer of the independent screening


I thought it was especially good that we had a feedback sharing session. I was able to experience thoughts and ideas from various perspectives, and I also made new discoveries such as “I didn’t know there was such a way to look at the meaning of a scene. Those who participated in the feedback sharing session also said that it was great to hear everyone’s opinions and thoughts. I felt that each and every one of you had been stimulated in various ways. It was a great experience to be able to provide a place where everyone took each other seriously and shared their thoughts. Even those who didn’t participate in the sharing session gave us enthusiastic feedback individually. I realized that Cinemalogue is an indispensable initiative for future screenings.


It was a great opportunity for us to talk about things that we don’t always get to hear. Thank you very much for the great opportunity for self-disclosure and communication.

With the help of the content of the film, I had the opportunity to verbalize my thoughts and convey my message to others. I was also able to gain new perspectives by listening to the opinions of various people.